Hobo At The Railroadstation – Missing the Train

10 Jun

Hobo at the Railroadstation

Hobo at the Railroadstation

all your friends know what they want but
you are just not sure
they have their place in life and yours is still obscure
you think that you’re special and
and you can change the world
still running out of money because
nothing you have earned
you wish your dreams come true
more money as you can spend
a woman in your life and
no, no no-reason to pretend.

missing the train
you’re missing the train
run as fast as you can
missing the train
you’re missing the train
one chance is all you got
missing the train
you’re missing the train
this is your last chance

you have to live till it’s your end
now you can see what you got
you don’t need money you can spend but
all your live long you were caught
you say you live your life
the way you have chosen
now get up your ass and
don’t act so damn frozen

you had to work all the time while
the others are on tour
that’s why you have to start
your life belongs to you


Platt-Karaoke für jedermann: Platt’n’Play 2015 startet

13 Mai

Keen Lust

Studentenleven kann ok männichmol hart ween,
Doch een Pläseer is de ganze Fiererie,
Aver wenn de Tiet kümmt,
Mutt ik allens afgeven,
Anners warrt de Profs untofreden.
Nu heff ik bloots noch twee Dooch Tiet,
Loos geiht dat mit de eerste Siet.

Dubdubidu dubidabadu, ik heff keen Lust.
Dibededabadu, dubidabadu,
Ik heff keen Lust op düssen Mist.