Hey, you little dumb chick
made out of plastic
you think it’s elastic
but I find it drastic.

It started with bubble gum,
now people go to school with a gun.
they’re trying hard to catch the sun
I’d really much prefer to run.

Now you’re gone
it’s kind of fun,
go and run,
so we can live on

now that you’re gone
it’s kind of fun
go and run
so we can live on

hello now, I’d just like to say
that I don’t want to play this game.
I know you’ve got a lot to say.
You need attention like the air you breathe.
You’ve got the whole wide world,
you’ve got the whole wide world now.

Verse 2:
The situation is getting desastrous.
They’re forgetting that you are so famous.
You say your life is just a mess
filled up with choices and superstress.
„Which shoes match with this yellow dress?“
I must admit, I could not care less.


Chorus (2x)

but me