Suns Fury

Suns Fury

Hello my Dear,
how do you do?
Let me ask you a question.

I was thinking of
me and you
together besides just,
me and you

So what do you think my girl,
if we spend some time
i wanna hold your hand
wanna be with you
until the end of every day

One step forward…
One step forward…

One step forward
and two steps back

You, You make me, make me crazy baby
i just can’t understand
how a woman like you can give a damn
of my feelings!

So i fell to the ground
I had nothing left
except a bottle of whiskey and a broken heart

Looked at our picture on the side of the room
and started crying, crying

Oh no, then i recognized what a fool i was,
i’ve been treating you bad, was not acceptable

But what am i thinking with a bottle of jack,

One step forward…
and two steps back!

Everything i do,
is not worthy of you
is not worthy of you

Everything i do…..