I was browsing history to learn how stuff’s done right
I wrote the figures down to get it all defined
I had a vision in my mind I saw it clear
I saw a scene in a small town that’s far from here

To beat it
To row with
To breed it
To grow it
To need it
To know it
You don’t know the things we do
To feel it
To show it
To seed it
To sow it
To lead it
To tow it
You don’t know the things we do round here

I took a trip round town to see the way things work
It’s like a Jigsaw piece by piece it sounds absurd
But in the end it’s just the sum of all the parts
And a strong will that’s been ignited by the heart


Everybody has a share
In the business we do
The residents
The president
They play their parts for you
Everything just falls apart
With just one missing gear
You sincerely do not know
The things we do round here


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