Die Dusty Darren Band kommt aus Diepholz, im Gebiet des Landschaftsverbandes Weser-Hunte. 


Your eyes still cast their spell on me
Reminding me of the ones we used to be
As the world around fades to grey
You remain in my heart, here to stay.

I remember the places we used to go
the laughter and smiles that we know
While life can be tough and fate be cruel,
leaving us as two separate fools

Under the blues moon
Another time, with another face
while my heart still yearns for you, and in this other place
I’ve tried to move on, thought I’d set you free
but I just tossed away the damn key
Since then I’ll sing the blues
For the love we had and the love we lose
You’ll always be my first and my last
My heart’s home forever in the past.
And though days turned to weeks, to months, to years,
I still haven’t grown enough to face you here.

Under the blues moon.

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