Flashing lights and blaring sirens
Voices screaming, children crying
The world is turning
And deafening my head

I’m trying to recall my memory
To escape this mess inside me
I can’t remember
But I’m hanging by this thread

I feel my time is running
As my blood is streaming
But I’m not ready to give up this fight
I feel my spirit leaving
But I can’t stop believing
Will I be dead or alive?

But as my memory’s recurring
Horrifying and disturbing
My fear is growing
And my hope begins to break

And as unconsciousness is rising
As my pain is brutalising
Try to awaken
No, I don’t want to fade

I know my time has run out
Through all my blood that soaked the ground
Though it was hard for me to see
And though right now I’m leaving
I can go on believing
I will be dead but I’ll be free!